Using Google Alerts to alert when you website is first indexed by the Googlebot

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New websites don’t automatically appear in search engines like Google. They only get “found” when another website link to them or the site is added using Webmaster Tools.

To use Google’s Webmaster tools, you need to have a Google Account (same as Gmail).

Once you have your Google Account, use this link to use Webmaster tools.

Once you have logged in, choose the Add a site button at the bottom.  Enter your website address and choose continue. Follow the on screen instructions, or additional help is available from Google here.

Depending on the size of your website, Google may not index the whole site in one hit. Sometime it is useful to be alerted when Google first indexes your site. This can be achieved using Google Alerts

Go to Google alerts and create a new alter.

In the Search terms field, input a keyword that appears on every page on you website, something like you company name. Enclose you keyword in quotes and then limit the search to your website domain. For example:  “keyword”

Google Alerts Setup

The type field is not important and be left as Everthing.

Change How often field to as-it-happens.

Leave Email length to up to 20 results

Input your email in the Your email field and then choose Create Alert.

You should then receive an to confirm that you wish to receive alerts.

When the website is first crawled (indexed) by Google you should receive an email message. You may then want to log-in to Google Webmaster tools and check that the site has not got any Crawl errors (under Diagnostics on the left-hand side).  Crawl errors are details of any problems that the GoogleBot has encounter when indexing your site. You will need to address these errors in order for you website to be completely indexed by Google.

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